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This module is a temporarly hack to localization. It permits localization on areas not included in current DNN core
System Installation and Host Options
Note: The following options can be only modified by a host user. The hack must be installed for the system to be allowed to run.

HACK: Installed

HACK: No tinstalled

HACK: No tinstalled

TASK: Installed, Enabled

Current: 0

Clear Portal Cache

Locale Detection Behavior

Edit Portal Localizations
Configures custom values for portal name, description, keywords, etc. based on the user locale

Edit Tab Localizations
Configures customizable values for Tab names, Titles, Keywords, Skins, etc, based on the current user locale.

Edit Module Localizations
Configures custom values for module titles, icon, header, footer, container, alignment, etc based on current user locale


Localization Tools
Localized Replacements
Here you can define replacements based on regular expresions and current selected locale
Include files
You can use this module to include all your needed .css or .js files based on the selected locale
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